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  Origin & Growth Saturday, September 27, 2008

Origin and growth

To further spread Pentecostalism, Pastor K. E. Abraham, founded a bible college called IPC Hebron Bible College designed to educate and equip young converts so they may be able to grow into prominent ministers and mission workers.
In 1935, Pastors K. E. Abraham and P. T. Chacko toured North India and finally reached Eluru on the east coast of Andra Pradesh; Pastor P. M. Samuel, after his own tour of Tamilnad, met them at Eluru. There the Indian Pentecostal Church of God was registered with the Government of India under the Societies Act XXI of 1860 on December 9, 1935.
Pastor P. M. Samuel from Andhra Pradesh was chosen as the first President, Pastor K. C. Cherian who had moved to Karnataka as the Vice-President, and Pastor P. T. Chacko representing Travancore as the Secretary of IPC.

First managing body

The following 16 people formed the first managing body of IPC:
1. Pastor P. M. Samuel (President), Missionary
2. Pastor K. C. Cherian (Vice-President), Missionary
3. Evangelist P. T. Chacko B D (Secretary), Gospel Work
4. Pastor K. E. Abraham, Missionary
5. Pastor T. Kochukunju, Missionary
6. Pastor K. C. Oommen, Missionary
7. Pastor P. T. Mathew, Missionary
8. Pastor V. V. Thomas, Gospel Work
9. Pastor P. O. Thomas, Gospel Work
10. Pastor T. G. Oommen, Gospel Work
11. Pastor P. T. Varghese, Gospel Work
12. Pastor K. M. Zachariah, Gospel Work
13. Evangelist T. V. Issac, Teacher
14. Evangelist P. M. Thomas B A, Gospel Work
15. Evangelist E. K. John, Gospel Work
16. Evangelist M. Simon, Gospel Work.

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